Marillion – Early Stages The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982-1987 (6CDs, 2008) [FLAC]
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La música, como toda manifestación artística, es un producto cultural. El fin de este arte es suscitar una experiencia estética en el oyente, y expresar sentimientos, emociones, circunstancias, pensamientos o ideas. La música es un estímulo que afecta el campo perceptivo del individuo; así, el flujo sonoro puede cumplir con variadas funciones (entretenimiento, comunicación, ambientación, diversión, etc.).

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2008 | Neo-progressive rock, Symphonic rock
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CD1: September 13, 1982, at Mayfair, Glasgow

A historical document. This must be the earliest recording of such quality. The sound is OK but a bit dry and the performance is a bit nervous and shaky. Maybe the guys didn’t hear each other play very well, but fact is that they sound rather chaotic at times, with the drums often out of sync with the other instruments. Point of interest: definitely She Chameleon in its premature version, entirely different from the 1984 studio track.

CD2-3: December 30, 1982, at Marquee, London

Three months later and this band’s growth as a confident live unit is impressive. This is a very tight and energetic set presenting the entire Script album and the Marquet Square Heroes EP. In other words, every song they penned till that day. As a bonus you get the jamming fun of Margaret, a different version from the one that was previously available on the Cucumber Massacre 12″.

CD4: August 27, 1983, at The Thames Side Arena, Reading

Live at the renowned festival and man did they deliver. I wasn’t there (without doubt playing Lego at the time) but my impression is that they really had the entire audience behind them. And what a forceful set. Grendel and Forgotten Sons come in a ‘definite’ version and also the early Assassing is interesting, with less keyboards and a different guitar bit in the middle. Great performance, with one Andy Ward from Camel on the drumkit!

CD5: December 14, 1984, at Hammersmith Odeon, London

Come 1984, Marillion peaks for me with their harder-edged Fugazi album. This concert is every bit as stunning as Real to Reel, but the extended setlist makes this one of course much more fun. Point of interest is the try-out of a couple of Misplaced Childhood tracks. Those opening chords of Pseudo Silk Kimono send shivers down my spine, every time again. Incubus and Fugazi are brilliant closers.

CD6: November 5, 1987, at Wembley Arena, London

Their gig in Brussels 2 days later was my first ever live concert! I was in total awe. The CD doesn’t bring that experience back as my increasingly critical ears now hear Fish’s voice missing some of its earlier range and precision. I’m also not a fan of female soul singers backing up rock bands. I wasn’t a fan of those in 1987 neither, but I probably wasn’t thinking straight from staring too long at Lisa Dalbello’s mini-skirt during the opening act. We’ve all been 16 right?

Live at the Mayfair, Glasgow, 13 September 1982

1. Garden Party
2. The Web
3. He Knows You Know
4. She Chameleon
5. Three Boats Down from the Candy
6. Market Square Heroes
7. Forgotten Sons

Live at the Marquee, Part 1, 30 December 1982

1. Garden Party
2. Three Boats Down from the Candy
3. Grendel
4. Chelsea Monday

Live at the Marquee, Part 2, 30 December 1982

1. He Knows You Know
2. The Web
3. Script for a Jester’s Tear
4. Forgotten Sons
5. Market Square Heroes
6. Margaret

Live at Reading Festival, 27 August 1983

1. Grendel
2. Garden Party
3. Script for a Jester’s Tear
4. Assassing
5. Charting The Single
6. Forgotten Sons
7. He Knows You Know
8. Market Square Heroes

Live at Hammersmith Odeon, 14 December 1984

1. Assassing
2. Garden Party
3. Cinderella Search
4. Punch and Judy
5. Jigsaw
6. Chelsea Monday
7. Pseudo-silk Kimono
8. Kayleigh
9. Bitter Suite
10. Heart of Lothian
11. Incubus
12. Fugazi

Live at Wembley Arena, 5 November 1987

1. Slainte Mhath
2. White Russian
3. Incubus
4. Sugar Mice
5. Fugazi
6. Hotel Hobbies
7. Warm Wet Circles
8. That Time of the Night
9. The Last Straw
10. Kayleigh
11. Lavender
12. Bitter Suite
13. Heart of Lothian

– Fish / vocals
– Steve Rothery / guitars
– Mark Kelly / keyboards
– Peter Trewavas / bass
– Ian Mosley / drums & percussion

Marillion – Early Stages The Official Bootleg Box Set 1982-1987 (6CDs, 2008) [FLAC]
[ RAR | Musica | 2.58 GB ]






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